Social network and online technical analysis platform TradingView
About Trading View
The software project of Russians is a stock information Web-service and a social network for traders, analysts and investors, based on an online platform of the usual market analysis. The first version of TradingView saw the light in September 2011 and in May 2017 it was already recognized as the best analytical platform.

The headquarters of TradingView are in New York, the European office is in London, and the development teams are in Rostov, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Today, the service is available in 18 languages, and the site has over 8 million visitors per day. The functionality of TradingView has a lot of visual tools for working with interactive charts, technical and fundamental analysis.
Analyze correctly with TradingView
In addition to the usual forms of analytics - forecasts, signals, reviews, trading plans, news - the service offers unique mechanisms such as "Skrinner" of trading assets or creation of synthetic charts.

"Skrinner" tracks the current dynamics on an individual list of assets selected by the user:

The information of social network participants is grouped by direction - assets or analysis methods - and everyone can create a user-friendly chart.

Online platform TradingView offers all modern standard and original - tools for market analysis, creating and testing trading ideas, as well as ready-made forecasts, analytics, trading signals and free communication. Everything every trader needs is gathered in one site, all you need is to open the service website in any browser.
What the platform can do and what functions it has
It would take more than one article and a day to describe all the trading tools of the TradingView terminal, but in short - this interface is for those who miss the capabilities of MT4(5). It's not that non-standard types of charts such as Kagi, Renko or X-Zero are available without additional scripts, but this service creates a full analogue of the comfortable work on the stock exchange, for example, even the depth of prices is freely available. News, calendars, messages and other elements of information support are visible simply on the chart. The price scale is dynamic and in the paid versions it is possible to open up to 8 charts simultaneously.

It is very important that in addition to the trading asset, it is possible to select the quotes of the specific stock exchange - this allows you to evaluate the price and the dynamics in the period of maximum liquidity, depending on the trading sessions.

In addition to the full set of familiar options and tools, there are many non-standard ones, such as Fibonacci (spiral, arcs and circles), elements of the Gann theory (square, box and fan). The graphical patterns in TradingView, in addition to convenient drawing, have an additional design: key point captions, color zones - very attractive to fans of wave analysis.

By the way, TradingView does not automatically save the workspace settings, it is done manually through the "Save workspace" option in the upper right corner.

There are 13 types of alerts on the price behavior, including e-mail and SMS to the phone number you specified during registration.

TradingView offers unique possibilities for creating spread charts as a result of mathematical operations with price charts of different assets in real dynamics. For example, if you choose Microsoft shares as the underlying asset and "split" it by spot gold, you can see the share price in gold equivalent.

In TradingView, you can simply display charts of two (or more) different assets on the work screen - an additional price scale will be on the right - very convenient for searching and controlling the mutual correlation.

The files of ready strategies for TradingView have a special format - read the documentation . The necessary strategy can be selected from the menu of tools, but only entry points are shown on the chart, so you will not be able to assess the method in detail - only the final result. The testing process is practically invisible, but general statistical characteristics of the strategy are available in the "Summary of Figures" tab.

TradingView encourages any software developments (scripts, strategies, indicators and other "usefulness") and gives the opportunity to earn on scripts/indicators/analysis, so the "Add-on Shop" offers many offers, mainly - trading signals with the description of the method.
TradingView - a social network with great opportunities
It all started with the Idea feature - at any time a user can implement and share their opinion/signpost/advice with just a few clicks of a button. Members who are "subscribed" to you will be notified and read the recommendations. You can view a real chart or a colleague's publication in one click. You can create a new blog, news, project; Full-fledged communication with all popular social networks is supported.

Any trading idea of yours or someone else's, you can "see" at once in the market with the function "My Ideas"/"Ideas ribbon": many colored dots will appear on the chart: green - growth, red - price fall, yellow - flat. And any forecast can also be checked through the market simulator.
Any chart/test/video can be published for discussion - this allows you to use other people's ideas and opinions. Such material can be easily integrated into any web resource. Anyone can use the free widget. Moreover, today access to TradingView system is considered as an indicator of professionalism and high quality information for any network resource.
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